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General Counsel

While many of our clients come to us a raw startups, as our clients grow and mature we often come to serve in a part-time general counsel capacity performing the same duties as a traditional full-time general counsel would, just remotely and on a part-time basis. We are the first point of contact for all legal issues that our clients encounter. We are usually able to resolve these issues cost effectively “in-house” but where the advice of a subject matter expert is required (in areas like litigation, tax, intellectual property, bankruptcy and insolvency or where our clients are subject to an industry specific regulatory environment) we are able to make referrals to appropriate attorneys from our extensive network of legal specialists. Other general counsel services include:

  • Attending board of directors meetings, keeping minutes and maintaining the Company’s corporate records
  • Advising Directors and officers in connection with strategic matters, conflicts of interest, director and officer duties and liabilities and other corporate governance issues
  • Structuring and negotiating compensation arrangements with key executives
  • Drafting and negotiating employment related documents like employment offer letters and agreements, confidentiality agreements, separation agreements, restricted stock and option agreements and option plans
  • Working with your outside law firm (if you have one) where their resources or expertise are enlisted, to ensure that you get maximum value for your legal service dollars.