Starting Up

We advise entrepreneurs on the decisions that must be made when a business is launched. We help them answer questions like “Is the appropriate entity type for my startup a tax pass-through LLC, S-corporation or partnership, or is it a taxable C-corporation?” We also counsel startups on topics such as initial capital structures, stock vesting, founding shareholder agreements and equity incentive plans, and on how best to protect their valuable intellectual property. Once we have worked through these and other questions with our clients and have settled on a strategy, we execute the strategy by organizing the chosen entity in the appropriate jurisdiction and drafting the various documents that relate the chosen entity which may include a certificate if incorporation, by-laws, an LLC operating agreement, subscription agreements, restricted stock agreements, shareholders agreements and stock certificates as well as the various shareholder, director and member votes and consents required under applicable law. We also work with our clients to develop appropriate form documents tailored to their business model such as employee offer letters and confidentiality, non-disclosure and assignment of inventions agreements that they can use as they grow their business.