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Why Choose Us


Company Counsel has been in continuous operation since 2002 providing responsive, high quality legal services to its clients. All of our attorneys, prior to joining Company Counsel, practiced at major corporate law firms and they have continued to hone their skills with Company Counsel. As a result, all of our attorneys have an understanding of what sophisticated entrepreneurs operating companies and their management teams require from their legal counsel.


We are a virtual firm where all of our attorneys work remotely, so while we don’t have smartly decorated offices at a fashionable downtown Boston address, we do have significant big firm experience at hourly rates that are less than half of the hourly rates typically charged by large Boston law firms for the services of similarly experienced attorneys.  We do not bill separately for the ordinary course expenses we incur in connection with our services such as photocopies, postage, phone and fax charges. Only non-ordinary course out-of-pocket expenses such as major printing jobs or mailings, non-local travel expenses, filing fees, franchise taxes, foreign qualification fees, search or certificate fees and taxes incurred on behalf of our clients are charged to our clients at cost.


Our goal is to become a trusted independent advisor to you. We understand that achieving this goal takes time, a track record of quality performance, an understanding of your needs and a dedication to achieving your business goals. We are committed to doing all of these things and we will listen carefully, taking the time necessary to develop an understanding of your business, management team and working style and respond to your inquiries promptly. We will make ourselves available to attend and participate in meetings of your management team and board of directors and advise them on legal issues as they arise.

We Work With Your Outside Counsel

Because we are corporate generalists, there will undoubtedly be situations that arise where it makes sense for you to enlist the expertise and resources of outside counsel and we will be the first to highlight this need to you.  If you already have an existing outside law firm, we will work with them (and we have excellent working relationships with most of the major Boston firms and many national firms) to ensure you get maximum value for your legal service dollars. In some cases we work alongside major law firms and help “incubate” clients and provide day-to-day legal services in between major transactions. If you do not have an existing outside law firm, we can help you to identify an appropriate specialist attorney from within our extensive network of trusted specialist attorneys and firms, many of whom have long standing relationships with Company Counsel and a proven track record of providing excellent service to our clients.